Why us?

South Col creates a true  win/win

Unlike traditional solutions, South Col only realizes a return on investment when the Founder receives valuation growth in a completed eCommerce business sale.

As South Col’s goals - and risks - are utterly aligned with those of the Founder, all of our advice, support, and working capital focuses solely on creating the growth needed to facilitate a high value exit.

Since South Col orchestrates the sales process end-to-end, the founder avoids all broker fees, sales commissions, and any potential hidden fees - saving 6% - 12% of sale proceeds.


South Col helps companies evolve from the dreaded “No Man’s Land” into the coveted “Sweet Spot”

In “No Man’s Land,” neither selling nor growing is an attractive option for the Founder.  eCommerce companies with $2,000,000 to $7,000,000 in sales often find few serious buyers, resulting in the brand valued at too low a multiple for a sale to be truly life changing.

On the other hand, growing a company of that size requires large capital infusions, tremendous amounts of time to manage, and high levels of ongoing risk.  Enter South Col – we are here to shoulder the pack up this last mountain face to the summit.

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What our clients say

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Reginald Webb
Co-founder & CEO

The Sweet Spot

Only the Best

An Overcrowded Market
There are more risk-averse PE, Strategics, aggregators & more sellers targeting an exit than ever.

A Guide to Navigate Your Way
Strategically raise your business valuation to get the offer you deserve.

Don’t Leave Cash on the Table
Our expertise & resources uniquely position sellers for the most successful sale.

Sellers with >$100,000
Sellers with >$500,000
Sellers with >$1 Million•
Sellers with >$10 Million+
2021 Sweet Spot
2022 - 23 Predicted
Sweet Spot
phase 1 :  base camp

Growth Strategy

We provide an end-to-end review of each component of your brand to create a path to maximize your business valuation.

  1. Scale up rapidly with growth capital infusion
  2. Intensive business growth planning and accountability alignment
  3. Business process rationalization
  4. Maximization of visibility and decision-making data
  5. Enhanced financial modeling
phase 1 : the base camp

Growth Accelerator

phase 2 :Summit Bid

Growth Execution

Together with our dedicated consulting team, we will guide you along the trail established during the strategy phase.

  1. Board of Directors - a founding South Col Partner joins your board
  2. Weekly operations meetings – collaborating on tactical process improvement and supply chain management
  3. Monthly Milestone tracking– ensuring that both growth and core business objectives are being met
  4. Strategic Advice - communicating with broader senior team at South Col monthly, or as needed
  5. Agency Management – providing advice on key outsourced partners or managing them if desired
phase 3 :Final ASCENT

Successful Sale

We help you maximize exit value as you celebrate reaching the peak.

  1. Go-to-Market - positioning brand to attract multiple bids and/or high SDE multiple
  2. Access to more buyers - We go beyond the FBA Aggregator pool — to seek maximum exit value.
  3. Seamless transition - handling the operational handover to the buyer


South Col’s founding companies combine 15 years of eCommerce expertise in finance, investment banking, and operational excellence to offer a world-class solution enabling businesses to rapidly scale and reap the benefits of a sale 18-24 months later.

Users on the Sellers Funding App
In annual client sales
AVG YoY growth for $1M+ sellers 
Over clients with $1m+ in sales

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total Business Value Sold 
50+ Ecommerce Centric Transactions
Years of Institutional Investment Banking Careers 
Strong CPG Backgrounds 
Process improvement projects completed​
Management Consultants
ex-EY, Deloitte, or Accenture​Extensive experience working directly ​with aggregators Designed
of custom SOPs exclusively for the top 1% of Amazon sellers​

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